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Copter Commander News

Recent Work

July 23 2005: Well, we never officially released a 2.0 version. Now we're pushing into the bold new world of another major version, with a port to gnome-2, and serious testing on many OSes (Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, and OSX+Fink). In the meantime, 1.8 was pretty stable, but since gtk-1.4 is sufficiently old that its not being included with all distros these days, its usefullness is waning. The current cvs head will eventually become version 3.0. It won't be perfect - it'll be a dot-oh release. If there's demand, 1.8 will be repackged as 2.0.

Official Home

Jul 23 2005: (here) is the official site of Copter Commander.

Copter Commander 1.8 Released

Feb 11 2002: Yet another preview release working towards 2.0. Just a few bugfixes this time.

Copter Commander 1.7 Released

December 12 2001: 1.2 has had so many features packed into it that we're just going to call it 2.0. So 1.7 is the first preview release of 2.0, to catch any serious bugs. Have a look at the huge, yet still abbreviated, 1.7 new feature list.

New Screenshots

July 17 2001: New screenshots are up. They hint at some upcoming features.

Work on 1.2 begins

March 13 2001: Work on Copter-commander 1.2 is starting. The release focus is "improve quality of product" :). So far, changes are: improving sound, increased glibc 2.2 compilibility, screenshot utility, and a new level or two.


March 10 2001: Accepted as a project on SourceForge. The migration in progress: CVS is online. Mailing list is converted. Compile farm fun, moo oink cluck. Copter Commander on SourceForge.

Tactics Section Created

March 8 2001: Added tactics pages, including the Gun Busting Animated Tutorial.

Copter Commander 1.0 Released!

March 4 2001: The source tarball is available for download under the GPL. Freshmeat has been notified.

Copter Commander Release Party

March 4 2001: The Copter Commander 1.0 release party was held today. I (David) won the "Pin the Tail on the Copter" game. Then I took on Sam at Copter Commander -- and also won. Dude! In other games, Jenny crushed Marty. In a rematch, Marty "had the mastery".

Countdown to release

Febuary 26 2001: All lights are green. If the system survives a little test session tomorrow, its going to be released immediately afterwards.

News site created

October 9 2000: In our continuing effort to keep the world safe for wanton violence, the copter commander news page has been created. Check back here for all the latest.

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