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Copter Commander Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get the latest version of Copter Commander?


What is the license?

The GNU General Public License.

What is the inspiration for Copter Commander?

Copter Commander is a Free implementation of Armor Alley and Rescue Raiders. I believe R.R. was associated with a company called Sir-Tech software, and A.A. was associated with Three Sixty Pacific, though I can hardly find any trace of these companies on the web. Where are you?

How do I learn to play?

Use the Help menu, or if you're stuck with glx-copter-commander, check out the files manual.txt and keybindings.txt in the source directory. Also, there are the Tactics Pages. If it still doesn't make sense, tell us what is confusing you so we can improve the manuals.

The mouse control is choppy. Why?

Conventional wisdom is that redrawing gets higher priority than device polling on popular X servers. By changing your OpenGL implementation to one that takes advantage of the video hardware you probably already own, you'll leave more CPU free for polling that mouse. Check here for descriptions of OpenGL implementations.

This approach worked on both a 450Mhz AMD K6 with Voodoo Banshee and a 333Mhz Pentium II with Nvidia board. Now running both client and server leaves either system at about 40% load, whereas before it was at 200%.

Disabling alpha blending sometimes helps. Do this with either the --no-blend-alpha flag or press Control-B during the game.

If its still choppy after you've got hardware OpenGL and no alpha blending, then you might want to look into getting GII running on your machine.

See also: [ #486769 ] Mouse response is choppy.

How do I start glx-copter-commander?

On a server machine, say "ork.bomberlan.net", type:

glx-copter-commander server --level flashpoint &
Now you're playing one player. Other players on other machines may join with:
glx-copter-commander -s ork.bomberlan.net
To add computer players, just hit Control-L or Control-R. When you've added too many, hit Control-Shift-L or Control-Shift-R and they won't reincarnate the next time they die.

How did you do XXX? How do I fix YYY?

The primary implementation documentation is in DEVEL, in the main distribution directory. There are also the usual comments scattered willy nilly around the source code.

Suggestions and code are always welcome!

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