OpenAL Installation for Copter Commanders


OpenAL is a sound library. Copter Commander uses it to provide stereo sound effects. It is better than "esd", the default sound effect system, which isn't even stereo, and slows the game.

OpenAL does not have versioned releases. Further, the OpenAL API has not frozen yet, there is a chance that today's OpenAL won't be compatible with the Copter Commander version you're trying to build. For this reason you'll find an OpenAL snapshot with each copter-commander release. This snapshot has been rigorously tested by our dedicated crew of software quality assurance personell (read: it works for me :-).

Compiling OpenAL

The good news is: its easy!

Here's how I did it:

su - root
tar -zxf openal-2-11-2002.tar.gz
cd openal-2-11-2002/linux
sh ./
./configure --enable-prefix=/usr/local
make install

The long instructions are in linux/INSTALL.
(install main)
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